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Hi Kann, 
I agree with Hawkeye and some of the other guys…if it ain’t broke don’t fix it! If some day your regulator starts giving you problems then change it out for a Huma Regulator. They are easy to self adjust and remain consistent over time without creeping up and down and fluctuating wildly. So rather than think about modifications maybe you would like to think about some cool accessories. There are many aftermarket items you may find interesting such as extra mag holders, bipods, slings, silencers, etc.

I prefer the J.P. Brewer in stock mag holder so here is a link to it and one other you may prefer better:,

I prefer the Atlas Bipods and the Harris Bipods, the FX Picatinny Scope Rail, the FX No-Limits Scope Rings, and both the 4.5″ and 6.5″ Huggett Moderators, and the Viking Tactics Two Point Sling. I also have a MagPul QD Release on my picatinny rail for my Viking Tactics two point sling.  

I also prefer the Athlon Midas BTR 2.5-15×50 SFP IR Scopes on my rifles due to their crystal clear optics and simple uncomplicated reticles. 

Here is couple pics of my Wildcat so you can see how the picatinny scope rail, Atlas bipod, and J.P. Brewer mag holder looks. You will also notice I sanded down the bottom of the pistol grip and butt stock so they sit flush and level to make her more stable and less tippy on the bench. I took over an inch off the bottom of the butt and 1/4″ off the bottom of the pistol grip. Then I added a slim layer of rubber bicycle inner tube to the bottom of both the grip and stock to make them non-slip. I also added a piece of 5mm thick neoprene to the cheek rest to make it more comfortable and non-slip. In the summer that black cheek rest would get hotter than a firecracker in the Sun.This should give you a few ideas…
All the best, Chuck