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“Eaglebeak”Hi, Bill, I tried your link but it doesn’t seem to work. I gather that you just want to remove the valve from one side or the other. If so, that will be fine. Some of these valves are just a loose plug that relies on suction and pressure to open and close and others have a spring holding them shut until the pressure overpowers it and holds it open. Both are easy to remove.

Thanks Eaglebeak, I did install the one male foster without the internal valve pin to replace my problematic male foster on my Great White tank and used the other in combination with the female foster which works for how I have my Yong Heng set-up. I can see how the one-way valve stops most the air flow when under pressure but then slowly bleeds down. Should do the job. Maybe I should have applied a little silicone to the washer for a tighter seal. I will try to link that video again. Bill