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“kainevil”So I just went through this yesterday. I tried for days and only got frustrated but I finally got it. I got a 20 dollar table clamp and a 13 dollar heat gun, both from harbour freight and it made all the difference in the world. The way that actually worked was removing all the hardware from the reg (10mm and 1/2 inch deep socket and 19mm wrench) and then using a 5/64th Allen wrench, completely remove the adjustment screws at the top of the reg. With those out you should be able to unscrew the top part by hand. That gets the o-rings out of the way so they don’t get damaged. On the base where the fill plug came out it says 3000 psi, there’s a little flat spot there and one that lines up with it on the other side. That’s where I clamped it in the vise. I heated the bottle right at the neck all the way around for several minutes then clamped it very firmly in the vise. I used big jawed robogrip pliers to turn the bottle and presto that sucker finally came out. I think that strap wrench that was mentioned might have been better to turn the bottle in hindsight. Also stay near the neck and keep the heat rotating with the heat gun as the reg threads are plastic. Too much in one place too long could damage them. Now reassemble the reg parts and it’s good to go for whatever you were doing in the first place.

Personally I’ve NEVER seen a Ninja nor Chinese reg that has any plastic threads. I have serious doubts that plastic threading would hold up to 3000psi.

Also – when you got it apart was there thread locker on the threads?