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A Maccari Pro Mac Kit is $89 and breech seal is $2.99, I installed two of these kits in 124’s with great results. You need a good spring compressor because the factory spring is a mile long with lots of preload.
What usually happens is the factory piston seal disintegrates, if you continue shooting gun until pellet dribbles out of barrel you will have to carefully remove what is left of piston seal at bottom of compression tube. All in all the Pro Mac Kit makes the 124 a smoother more powerful springer. Mine is lights out accurate with most quality pellets. I am shooting JSB 8.4’s and 10.4’s.but gun also likes crosman premiers and H&N FTT, gun hits hard with the 10.4’s and shoots them over 770 FPS.
My 124 shoots the liter 7.3 gr Exacts over 900 FPS all day long.