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Hi All

It’s all complete and paid for.
My 124 is rebuilt.
New Maccari spring, new breach and Piston seals, cleaned and in perfect shape. Trigger has been re-worked  too.

David told me it hit 915 FPS through the Chrono.

He’s shipping it out tomorrow.
It should take two days to get here. I certainly hope its here on Saturday but surely it should be here by Monday.
I send it out at the USPS  on January 11th. and on  February 23rd it would be 51 days. David did slip in a vacation during that time

I’m like a kid waiting for Christmas. Its kinda fun recalling the anticipation

I purchased a couple tins of ammo too for the new Old Boy.

A-A Diablo Express 7.87 g Domed
JSB Match Diablo Exact 8.4 g Domed

I may purchase 10.4’s too

Ya Hoo