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“fuznut”Well i have no idea how any of this works?   But even if a new hosting site is found
isn’t it at the mercy of google or who ever to not allow?   If so how is this forum any
more secure than a utube channel?

To simplify it a bit. . You need a strong computer with plenty of storage, backup and a fast internet connection. On it you would store all of the videos and (here is the hard part) you need software that’s lets customers pick what they want to watch were it becomes difficult software wise is when more people want the same video at the same time. I’m retired from software sales but if I had to guess if you  
Knew what your doing you would need about $10000.00 in hardware $3000 in software and a part time IT person to set it up and manage it $25000 for set up 10000 a year to keep it up if you have no problems. You just can’t buy a $500 best buy computer and have you teenage computer wiz set it up unless you have an customer base of 20 users. Even if one of the air gun blogs like airgun Nation they would have a substantial investment that would take a lot of time and good luck to be successful. Your probably better off dealing with a company in India where techies work for next to nothing to get a site set up. If there is money to be made someone will do it they always have.