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Yeah, I guess it just grates me the wrong way that Libs are running all these ‘tools’ and filtering / censoring any speech they don’t agree with, and promoting every foul behavior they want to promote-and making our society crumble in the process.  I’m to the point where, if society crumbles around me (morally), I’m actually ok not knowing it happened, and maintaining my character and accountability before God, and being left to appear like I’m ‘out of touch’ with modern society.  That’s fine with me, because one day I will stand before a Holy God and not a foul ‘CNN’ or whatever other ‘court of public opinion’ seems to run this world.

So I’ve started today.  I’m first changing all my security settings on my FB account to only allow people in my friend list to see my, follow me, etc.  I’ve found a way to ‘untag’ myself from all posts that someone else has tagged me in over the past 10 years (only about 250 posts-no too bad actually).  I’ve then moved on to ‘unjoining’ a bunch of groups (including a bunch of shooting groups that just aren’t directly relevant to me-like long range centerfire groups).  Next: I’m going to remove everyone I know if ‘left’ or spews too much political BS.  Then I’m moving on to remove people I simply don’t see in person regularly.  If I get down to about 30-40 people-that’s probably just fine with me.

Then I’ll reassess and while I reassess, I’ll find a way to unlike everything older than a certain date-that just goes to build a profile of who I am-don’t need that crap hanging around for the libs to label me.  If I still see no purpose, I’ll probably simply find a way to go the rest of the way, delete what remains, and shut it down permanently.