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I have a year of nightly hunting experience with the ATN X-Sight II HD. Here’s a tip that I learned through that experience. The processor is slow. To make maximum use of the processor, lower the “sensitivity” to medium or low. The lower the sensitivity, the more efficient is the processor. At higher sensitivity levels, the processor can’t keep up with a moving target. There’s a 1/3 to 1/2 second delay from real time and what you actually see in the scope. In other words, you have to lead your target by 1/3 to 1/2 a second. For instance, if you shoot at a running fox, you have to aim and shoot so far ahead of the fox that he’s not even visible in the scope. On a goose that is waddling right or left, you must anticipate exactly where he will be 1/3-1/2 a second later. Since that is impossible to do with precision, lower the sensitivity to low so the processor can keep up and what you see in the scope is only 1/10 behind real time. Also, unless your target is stationary, do not try for head shots. The target is too small and the goose moves his head too much and too quickly to be perceived in real time. 1/10 of a second is way too slow for a reliable head shot. Move to the upper breast. The breast follows the head. What ever you do, you have to accommodate and compensate for the slowness of the processor. Once you’ve done that, your success will improve greatly. Also, from the video it is obvious that your scope needed to be re-zeroed at your measured distance. It was hitting consistently to the right, just as your friend asserted. Zero the scope at 25 yards, both at zero magnification, and then again at full magnification. Then repeat this process at 50 yards. Then your ballistics calculator has enough information and will automatically adjust your zero at different ranges.

To test this scope’s processor speed at various sensitivity levels, go out on a night when there is lightning. With one eye on the sky and the other in the scope, watch the difference between the real time flash of lightening with one eye and note the difference in the scope. Now you’ve seen for yourself what dramatic effect the sensitivity setting has on your processor speed. Even on low sensitivity, (maximum processor speed) you will still see a 1/10 second lag. This will confirm why I suggest that you never take a head shot. Better yet, don’t even take a body shot until your quarry has become stationary.

Hope this helps. Always enjoy your videos.