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Beeman R7 … Just sent my Impact in to the new FX USA repair center here in NC for some warranty work on the regulator and the trigger and also to get Ernest Rowe to do a full tune and re-seal on everything as well as replacing some parts that have changed since I got my Impact last year … like replacing the valve seat to a titanium one, polishing the barrel and transfer port, the trigger, the valve rod and hammer, polishing the o-ring seating surface in the regulator  and replacing the hammer spring … as well as enlarging the probe set screw to a M-4 for safety and then tune it to whatever speed I request for a given size and weight pellet. Heck … they even paid the shipping charges because it is under warranty. 

​I never got anything like that from AoA. Last year I had to send in my Omega Super charger shortly after I ordered it because it had a chip on the bottom of the piston which was keeping it from building up pressure … it was under the full warranty but I still had to pay shipping charges and insurance fee to send it back to them … a total of $120.00. Now they did pay the shipping back to me but still … I don’t think it is right to send you a brand new expensive defective compressor and then make you pay freight to send it back to them.

​Mayhap the folks at AoA could gain some valuable insights on how things OUGHT to be done and it wouldn’t be a bad idea for them to take the Master Class themselves.