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LOTS of pellets! Maybe an extra mag or two. You can look for a rail to mount a bipod if you plan on using one. Don’t spend a lot on the rail like some places charge. You can get one for 5-6.00 at the local gun shop in the AR section. You also might like a mag holder so your not pocketing your extra mag. There are two types for sale. Both great. Being new, I wouldn’t pay any attention to the reg change. Vary few FX regs fail. It’s an option if you should have a problem. but chances are small. You are going to need some breach O-rings. The O-ring in the barrel that the pellet and probe push through loading every shot. Again don’t get caught paying the high price the airgun suppliers charge. Get the size and buy a bag of 50 or 100 from the O-ring store for 5 bucks or so. I have a 22 cal that has over 30K rounds through it and hasn’t needed a thing except the breach O-ring. It’s great the new MK-II version just came out. Makes for some great discounts on the MK-I’s. I just bought a discounted .177 cal MK-I. I have trouble believing the new MK-II with the X-barrel could be any more accurate. Good luck. Have fun. Sylvan