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Eaglebeek, your assumptions are correct…I had the same problem when I first installed the Alteros Reg, lower shot count, I took it out 6 or 7 times to play with the settings the combination I have now – These shots where taken with a lower reg setting and backed out hammer spring tension that gives me around 750 -760 fps gives me around 17 FPE, but great accuracy…However I prefer to hunt at a little hotter and now have the hammer spring tension a little further in to raise FPE to 815-820 with JSB 14.35 .My gun is tuned for short to mid distance accuracy not power…40 shots is now routine…It also took a while for the regulator to settle in…It was at times very frustrating and I almost binned the regulator, even pulled it apart, change o-rings, spoke to the factory… next time I will probably do the Huma….Everything is give and take and as posted above to slash in my first post:

“I have an Urban and have done a lot of experimenting …Have you tried to adjust the hammer spring tension? Also I would recommend installing a regulator, then you can adjust accordingly…There are limits to what you can do without adjusting plenum volume, changing hammer spring and resizing the transfer port…”

Just sharing my experience with the Urban, some need power, some accuracy, accuracy in my book trumps power, but each unto their own…