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“AirSupply”Hi Gijs. Great to get your experienced opinion. 
Im wondering if because the sealing surface of the regulator changes when it adjusted creep can just be a little hit or miss. 
My reg (in Crown) was creeping 5+ bar with the reg set at about 125 bar on the gauge. I degassed and adjusted it to 120bar and now it is much more stable. 
I know if everything is square and correct adjusting the reg shouldn’t make a difference to creep but in my experience it can. It’s just a bit random  

Hey Michael, it’s true that the sealing surface of a reg. needs to break in. There are always tiny machining marks in the Delrin reg. piston which need to be “ironed out” first to give the best sealing performance. That happens during use, because the piston is moving with every shot.
In most of the cases, it will get better in time. 

B.t.w, just a tip, I also adjust the reg. pressure down under pressure with a little trick.
When you dryfire a shot, the gauge of the regulator gauge takes a big dip in pressure.
This dip normally takes about 1 second before the pressure settles again.
In this second, the regulator piston is not making contact with the adjuster screw.
So, within this second, I immediately turn in the reg adjuster screw about 1/8th of a turn.
Now the regulated pressure will be down, and can be worked up to the desired pressure again.
Works perfect and saves a lot of hassle (degassing) :)