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“mikebeggs”Regulator is easy if it’s an Alteros which I have just slips into the airtube. Huma is more complicated but Huma has very good and easy to follow pdf instructions for the BSA Buccaneer / Gamo Urban on its website…I get 40 good regulated shots on the regulator before I fill up, drops off just after that, consistency and accuracy is improved by regulating, I can get the following groups…First one is 25 meters JSB 14.35, Second is a 10 shot group 35 yards… Third is a 10 shot group 35 yards.
Gu is more predictable now its regulated…

10 shots 35 yards

10 shots 35 yards

Have you run a string over the chrono? Slash91 is looking for more power. I tried the Altaros reg in my BSA Buccaneer and it flattened the power curve at the bottom not the top. It also decreased my shot count by 20%. I tried several pressure settings but even in the tip of the guns sweet spot about 165-170 bar I was still losing 20-30 fps with the 15.9 JSBs. It is not possible to get more power by adding a reg in any gun aspecially one that is not designed for it. Any power or shot count gains come from the tuning. All the reg does is equalise the pressure for each shot until the set pressure is reached. In the case of the Gamo Urban, It has a smaller air tube than the Buccaneer and Coyote so the plenum in the reg is going to take an even larger % of the very small air chamber. Less air = less shots or less power. In my case it was both. My reg is the same as yours. I’m guessing if you are getting 40 regulated shots, your powerwill be no more than about 15 FP. Sorry to rain on your party.