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I used to have an Anschutz 2013 BR-50, that I sold when I was younger.  Man I loved that gun and wish I still had it!  I’m contemplating buying another Anschutz as my next gun-their triggers are just so awesome I can’t get it out of my mind (I’ve owned 3 Anschutz rifles so far: the BR-50, a CA2002 10m air rifle, and a 
ZM2002 (Allen Zasadny Modified FT setup)).  Those triggers seem to haunt me like a hot woman you just can’t seem to get out of your mind (as much as you want to-if that makes any sense?).

So now I’m debating buying a second RAW, a Thomas, or perhaps an Anschutz rimfire.  

I set my 18 year old daughter up with a CZ452 Scout.  I plan to setup my 14 year old son with a CZ 455 Tacticool with the ‘Mr Fly’ trigger.  I was thinking about going with a CZ-455 with the same trigger in the Manners stock (Trainer model), but then I was thinking about mods, etc and figured I was already getting into the $1500+ range so I may as well just do what I want and get another Anschutz.