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Somebody posted this same video a few days ago. I took it to mean that FX is now sponsoring Ernest to make instructional videos on how to maintain and repair our own guns and save us the cost of shipping and labor. If that’s not the case, I will be sorely disappointed. Let’s face it, that’s what Ernest was doing for us all before FX gobbled him up. In that case, FX did us no favors and deprived their own customers of a most valuable technical resource. But if FX is going to sponsor Ernest to continue to do for us what he did before at his own expense, then I have an even greater respect for Fred Axelsson than I had before.

What has kept me from buying an FX Impact is the fear of costly repairs and high shipping charges. But if FX is serious about sponsoring Ernest’s videos, that fear is gone and I’m ready to pop for an Impact as soon as I can scrape up the loot. But if this video is an empty FX promo, I’ll pop for a less complicated and less troublesome gun, or make do with what I have.