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I have coyotes that often come within 50 yards of my house at night. Recently, one left fresh tracks in the snow right up against my house. The next night I spotted him with my X-Sight II HD 400 yards out in the field, but he never came close enough for a shot until I gave up at 2AM and finally went to bed. Sometime after that he came and took the squirrel I had set out for bait.

I don’t use camo, only dark clothes. No blinds or calls or other extraordinary means. I just bag my Condor on a small table and sit in a comfy swivel/roller chair on the patio and watch through the X-Sight till I see them coming. I wait and take aim near the bait (squirrel or table scraps) and clobber them when they get near. Nothing special, really. They can’t see me unless I move, so I remain motionless. My odds of success are better on the nights when the wind is in my favor. If they smell me, they’ve learned to avoid me and stay away till I go to bed. I use infrared flood lights to illuminate the area so I don’t have to use a gun-mounted IR torch. My experience proves that they can see my IR torch when I move the gun. So, I don’t use it at all. You can buy really good IR flood lights on Amazon for $70 each. They’ve already paid for themselves by saving me having to buy expensive CR123 batteries for my torch. And they light up the whole area.

Good hunting.