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I had a chance to shoot them today (50 & 70 yards), from my RAW .30 cal.  Short story: they’re not too bad, but the JSB 44.75 grains do seem to shoot a bit tighter.  At 50 yards, my best 5 shot group was 0.56”, and my best 5 shot group at 70 yards was 0.71”.  By comparison, my best JSB groups were about 0.45” at 50 yards, and 0.65” at 70 yards.  The difference comes in that the average group size of the H&N pellets is 1.263” (ctc) (largest of 1.81”) at 70 yards, vs .852” ctc (largest of 1.19”).  Note: the largest groups for both pellets were shot when I was getting very tired, and very cold-I blame those on me, so don’t draw too many grand conclusions off those numbers for either pellet, or the gun.  After sitting out in the cold for 1.5 hours, you will understand…

I don’t know the velocity I was shooting either pellet at, but I think i am around 865 fps for the JSB.



I don’t have BC information yet either, but will gather that in the next few days.

I hope this info is helpful to you guys?