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“BigTinBoat”MOD EDIT: Please remain on topic.  Haji goes out of his way to share different products & procedures.  Challenging his content is fine, but challenging his character only deters him & others from sharing their experience with the community.  
Would the moderator who changed my rep,y please send me a PM. I made ZERO challenges to anyone’s credibility.

Your issue was that my post to announce my video referred to the manufacturer too many times and stated that it was really nothing more than an advertisement. Call it poor writing skills but I am in no way peddling anything other than information. If the amount of times that I list a manufacturers name warrants accusational commentary one most wonder if there are sensitivities that need to be addressed beyond content. In an attempt to have a more readable from a format or syntax perspective, I have eliminated all references to the manufacturer as that seemed to be the issue.