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My 25 and my 177 both did the same thing. However, I have a huma now just waiting to install. After maybe 2000 shots (4 tins) through the 177, the reg went stupid. Right now it has an es of about 48. After the very first tin of pellets to allow the gun to break in, I shot 62 shots on the 25 with an es of 8. The 177 shoots 90+ shots at about 11. However, that is the difference I see. The stock FX regs work great. But they wear out and just go stupid. I’m sure the huma will wear out somewhere along the line. But it is much more durable than the stock one, from what people who already have them installed are telling me. So mine is going in tonight or tomorrow. 

And one other thing, this 177 could shoot 8 shots in one hole at 30 yards. I sent the pic here a few weeks back. The hole is only slightly larger than one pellet. Now, I’m lucky to get 2 pellets to touch with it. The speeds are so different, the pellets walk all over the place.
So now I have shot mine on the stock reg until it needs work. While I’m in there, I’ll just put a Huma in.