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“petrovivs”This initiative is very good alejandro, really is missing a lead for long distances in k1, we are waiting for your tests with this diameter, in relation to the .217 has already come to use and have something to say?

Hi everyone:
I have some bad news about the tests with your bullets, I started the test trying out the .222 but they wouldn’t fit into the magazine at first I tried to push them with my thumb and was very hard but I made it, then when I start to shoot the magazine got stuck, then I have to disassembly the whole rifle to take out the stuck pellet and since I have the magazine out I put five more bullets pushing them with an allen key so I can shoot them and this are the results of that.It was at 55 yards shooting around 980 feet per second on the reg pressure was about 160 bar.

See the pics below.