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I have owned 2 Wildcats, a .25 cal and a .22. I’ve heard so much about the Huma reg that I too ordered one but haven’t installed it yet. Let me show you why. This is a 48 shot string I did after filling to 230 bar. I usually waste 3 shots to allow the gun to settle in before using the chrono. But this time I did not AND I shot until it started falling off the reg. Shot 47 was 889 and shot 48 was 884. Even counting these my spread was 17 and SD of 3. I then dropped my first shot along with the last 2. So look at the second picture first. I was hoping the 48 shot group would be at the top and the other at the bottom.  You can see now I have a spread of 11 and SD of 2. Can the Huma be that much better? Also I shot 46 times before it started dropping off the reg. I also believe that if I were hunting iguanas that shot 47 & 48 would have hit its mark. That’s efficient!