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“Ag5643”I had a beautiful Tx which I put a fair amount of work into. I sold it because I bought an LGV master pro. In fact, when the lgv arrived I pretty much stopped shooting all my rifles. I purchased a 12 fpe rifle which shot beautifully out the box. I didn’t care for the trigger though but I expected that as I have an LGU. Being me though I had to fiddle with it so I dropped in a vortec 12 fpe kit. Made the already amazing rifle just a tad better. I had planned on installing a Rowan trigger. It’s been a few months now and I haven’t installed one. Some how, some way the damn thing worked itself out. I’m no trigger snob, But I do appreciate a good trigger. The rifle has the same stock as my lgu, which to me just feels right. As a bonus, the beech stock my LGV came dressed in is very nice.  It shoots at a beautiful 10.49 fpe.  Shot 6 shots over the chronograph yesterday. 674 was the low, 678 was the high with JSB 10.3’s. I have a DonnyFL Sumo attached to it, an SWFA SS 16×42 for bling, attached a sling, and now I just can’t put the damn thing down. None of this really matters though if it isn’t accurate. This is at 46 yards. I assure you this isn’t me. This is just an awesome rifle. Period. I don’t know if it’s a one off unicorn that somehow found it’s way to me or what, but to me, this is one of the nicest rifles I have ever had the privilege to shoot. 

Man thats nice shooting, I really enjoy seeing groups like that out of springers at distance thanks for posting