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if you could, leave food scraps, like chicken guts and bones or fish guts and bones, dead rodents work good too, leave them out in an area you could make a easy shot, let them get use to finding food there for several days, then when they get bold and come in for feeding, snipe them with any of the Air guns you have, all are capable of taking a Coyote with proper shot placement.
or set up a chicken coop, if you don’t mind chickens, Coyotes can’t stay away……..if you have any small animals, Coyotes will come around, they are opportunist’s, my friend has killed over 300 Coyote in his backyard over the past 20 years he has live in Valley Center Ca. they just keep coming, they are after his dogs and cats, and when they were little, “his Kids”, He has killed several Coyote that were stalking his Kids….. he lost about 6 cats and 1 dog over the years from Coyotes, I have killed 5 Coyotes there myself with my AR and SKS, Still waiting for an opportunity to get one with the Air Gun, I’m going to try my HW100 .20 cal or the Mrod .22 cal or the Texan .45 cal, all will do the job.