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Here is a quick video showing the ldc in slow motion. Note there is small amounts of vibration/oscillation. Also note the spring installed is MUCH lighter than stock, and even at 45 FPE there is next to no compression on the spring. I did test with a spring in front and in the back but this causes a huge transfer of energy and I’ve popped the glued adapter off the ldc a few times this way, the baffles act as projectiles being hit by a blast of 400~ or so left over psi. I’d only trust the dual spring setup in a metal ldc that is fully threaded front to back.

What I like about a clear LDC is that you can see how effective it is to a degree. Would be cool to put some kind of dye in the LDC so when it fired you could visually see how the air moves. If I had a camera that filmed at 10,000 fps I would go to such lengths but being limited to 200~ FPS really doesn’t provide much data for me.