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The best person to answer that question would be Shelden himself. There was a price range and this could be the reason.
I personally have the 2.4 Kidd and it fills my 88 AirHog tank from 3,000 to 4500 in about 35 min ( I’m at 5700 feet so it take a little longer). All the reviews on these compressors are excellent and I was nearly bringing it to AGN members’ attention that he has some available. At one point, they were not available. It is a great value for a high grade compressor ( military quality) . I believe, many of the compressors in this price range may have a limited life span. Shelden has parts to service these machine.

If anyone is interested, I would contact Shelden to learn more about these compressors.

Here is his website:

PS- I have no vested interest in this product, mearly an end user.