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I owned .177 .22 and .25 Crickets. I had a .25 tuned to shoot the 25.3’s at 915 fps, traded and worked on the new .25 tuned it for 885 with the 33.95’s. It’s a lot of gun and the most accurate gun I’ve seen. The new MK2 is now about the same length as the .25 Cricket. The Cricket holds 12 rounds and the loaded mags with the holder puts another 5 ounce plus of weight, the black plastic stock also adds weight. The magazine system is very simple and in 3 plus years no issues. Ernest Rowe put out excellent videos to help with tuning-maintainence . (surely many FX ones will follow with his involvement)After polishing, and going over every part of the gun they are very easy to work on. (you do need the 27 mm socket and a grinding wheel to make it work) The .25 bucks the wind way better than the .22 The 33.95’s are a pleasure to shoot, but as others have posted a .22 will do the job for you. Edgun west did a video comparing velocities from the .22 and .25 Edgun. A higher BC was achieved at 885, as compared to 920 with the .22. I detuned mine prior to his video to get a 20 yd zero and the second zero is 45-46 yds. I get the same results with the .25 shooting the 33.95’s. The lower velocity minimizes the mid range arch and both guns have about a 3/4″ rise in the mid 30 yard range. At shorter distances it’s about 1.75″ at 5 yds. 1″ at 10 yards and 1/2″ holdover at 15 yards. All the guns had the same medium mounts and scope, and the compact .177 shooting the 10.3’s at 915 fps handled almost the same. The barrel change is a nice feature on the Wildcat, the Cricket will shoot the 25.39’s at a little shy of 1000 fps, and I can hit 1″ Christmas balls at 73 yards, the 33.95’s work better and my hit ratio improves. I never tried another pellet in this Cricket other than the JSB’s