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I owned a Georgia Airguns power tuned Cricket 25 for about 6 months before I sold it. It was an honest hammer and very quiet for the power it out out. Mine was tuned to shoot the MKII’s at 915 for about 44 shots on reg. Accuracy was nothing to snivel about either, 1.5” groups at 100 we’re commonplace with the occasional 1” or smaller group. I sold it because I didnt  care for the mag indexing mechanism and honestly it just didn’t fit me well. It felt like I was shooting a 2”x6” block of wood. Haha.  That is entirely a personal thing. With the magazine indexing issue, the little lever would occasionally get bent and render the indexing function useless. It was a simple fix and I believe there are mods out there to fix this issue completely. I sold that rifle and bought a WAR Flex.   Just my experiences.   I want a new Wildcat MKII .25 compact now.  Seems like the perfect hunter