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“CHUCK”Hey Intenseaty, do you own a Power Tuned Cricket 25? And do you have any first hand experience with its accuracy and performance to recommend someone buy one? I am just curious because a friend of mine was thinking of spending a couple thousand dollars on one and wants to know about its accuracy too.

I own neither the FX or the Cricket (yet). I do own a .22 Cricket. It is very accurate.

I’m not recommending anyone to buy it though, I am recommending that it be considered for hunting specifically. I do know a few guys that own one and they all rave about it’s accuracy. I will get one from Charlie at Georgia Airguns eventually, I’m not too far from there. I can’t vouche for the stock version out of the box, but I can vouch for it after Charlie delivers it. He adds a plenum to the .25 (power tune) and changes the spring, laps the barrel, etc. Yeah, I can recommend one of his Crickets even if I have no first hand. Will it stack pellet on pellet like your Wildcat? Don’t know, that is hard to beat, what you have done with yours is pretty impressive indeed.