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Second try at the post – the forum is not liking me tonight…

I had to post some great success tonight with the Compatto – finally warmed up and I could shoot outside.  I do bucket and sticks mostly – HFT style.  I was shooting at 50 and 55 yards with my regulated 177 in a bit of a breezy wind – my groups were mostly below 0.75″ for 5 shots at 50 yards.  I even had one 10-shot group at 0.8″.  Boy these Compatto’s can really shoot.  Ignoring speed, I was getting 60 shots from 220 to 120 bar just as the POI started to change.  I think that the speed is a bit high and can bump it down a slight – I saw one or two pellets spiral a bit.  The rest, I could drop into the 3/8″ circle with ease, sans the occasional breeze.