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Good job.   I enjoyed this work and thanks for sharing it with guys like me. I’m certainly no air gun mechanic.  I’m actually a klutz when it comes to working on them…
 But this kind of sharing has allowed me to much more enjoy the air rifle hobby with things like this video that lets me do some of my own playing..  I too wondered at times why I spent all the money on a snyrod and then added a MMHF barrel and then spent money on a huma regulator.  It was all for fun.  I own a $1500 laminated FX gun in 25 cal.  Great gun for sure.  But it now sets in the corner collecting expensive dust while I much prefer shooting my own sorta modified Marauder.  And the Marauder is just as accurate. “VERY Accurate”   That is what has become much more air gun fun for this old guy.  Forget what it cost.  The fun was worth it.  Resale value.  Not so much.  But lots of  enjoyment  none the less.  I’m actually going to sell trade off my FX gun since I discovered how much more this brings to my air gun pleasure.  So thank Haji… Brian Smith