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That is perfect as far as I am concerned Bill…and the answer to your question is yes you can realign your whole mechanism correctly just by pulling the two ends apart and holding them there while you tighten a couple of the barrel support screws. And then of course you would double check your feeding pin with your calipers. Because I was taking my gun apart so many times doing experiments with my Huma reg and different sized plenum rings, I thought of a way to do what your asking real easy. 

I loosened the two screws on the reload sliding bracket, loosened the four screws on the barrel supports, removed my barrel shroud, loosened the grub screw in the “shroud adaper” (D9). Then I put the shroud adapter in the rear end of the shroud, slid it over the barrel, and then screwed the air stripper onto the barrel as far as it would go. Then I marked the position of the shroud adapter, reinserted the grub screw to hold it in place, and reinstalled the barrel shroud. So now that the shroud adapter is as far to the rear on the barrel as it can possibly go, I pushed the entire gun assembly together so that the front edge of the front barrel support was touching tightly up against the back of the shroud adapter. Once that far I tightened up the four barrel support screws. Then since this procedure misaligned the feeding pin I reset it to 28.65 mm with my caliper depth gauge. Then the last thing required of this modification is to adjust the “metalclevis” (C19) to put the trigger back in a usable position, because the procedure causes the trigger to be out of its former position.

What this all accomplished is to give me a reference mark so that each time I take my Wildcat apart I just butt the front barrel support tight up against the shroud adapter and tighten the four support screws and I am golden! I like to get out my calipers to check the feeding pin though.
Best regards, Chuck