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“Hajimoto”The hard part about trying to share anything with a community is that you open yourself up to criticism and judgment from all of those that do not do. There are some of us that when we find joy in something, we try and share that happiness with others, we want to give some back because it just feels selfish to keep it all to yourself. We try and share that experience or feeling. It’s like the good friend or neighbor who wants to share photos of the vacation they came back from or that really nice photo of the successful fishing trip that produced a really nice catch. I think it is unkind to look at the photos and judge their experience from any position other than gratitude and thanks as they are sharing their joy. If you read through most of the responses to my offering to the group, you will detect a trend. A trend that applies ones rational and disposition to an experience that they themselves did not publically share. 
I am not a wealthy man but I always enjoy the journey and I love to have friends along for that experience. If they can’t be there for it live, i’ll share content later so they can live with me later. It is my belief that to look at someone else’s journey and make comments that they somehow are not in sync with the economics of the times or viewing what is being shared and making accusations to the sincerity of the content is downright shameful. I will not engage folks in negative exchanges as I feel it degrades the community as a whole. The folks that are on the sidelines that read but will never join in do so because they do not want to be attacked by the negative trolls which again hurts the community.
My character is being challenged in some of these responses and I suggest they read my articles and watch ALL of my videos and they may get a clear picture of my character. I choose to climb Mt. Everest and it takes me 5 attempts, do not apply your helicopter to the top disposition to my experiences. Just enjoy the positive and hopefully entertaining content being shared. Please do not interpret this post as some ultra-sensitive snowflake that cant take adversity, it’s not that, its simply observing rude behavior and calling it out accordingly.
Just know that I will never concede to the trolls and stop doing what I am doing. I am not owned by anyone and share my experiences independently and openly to the community at large. I am willing to bet that the trolls too at one time tried and somehow let their failure taint everything they see, I can only hope I never reach that level of unhappiness.
For those of you that offer your appreciation for the work that goes into these videos, thank you, for those of you that gained some level of usefulness from what I offer, I am happy and proud.
Thanks guys and gals


This video is also just a very good tear down video that all noobs can watch to learn how to tear it down easily. Appreciate your work!