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“NMshooter”Maybe you should do both like I did. The pistol is just too cool to shoot. I was torn like you and didn’t know what to do until I came across these two FN12 pistols and turned them into Carbines.

Well, for the time being, I’m going to leave it in the Lighthunter stock because it’s just so cool to shoot! I’ve sold the original pistol stock (with the .22 FN12 action that came in the Lighthunter stock), and have a couple of options…

If you look at my first post in this thread, the cut-down rifle stock that the .25 is currently sitting in is actually sized for the FN8 cylinder. The .25 action is getting moved into a cut-down FN19 stock that has been resized for its custom 11 inch cylinder (it’s payday on 28th!), and will leave me with the FN8 having a choice to wear either the Lighthunter stock or the sporter stock. I have decided that the Lighthunter’s grip is too small to be comfortable if used as a pistol stock i.e. if I cut the butt off, and I cannot bring myself to chop it up now that it’s actually in my possession anyway.

The sporter stock, however, has a lot of wood to play with, and I’m seriously considering cutting the butt off, thinning down the forend a bit, and reshaping the grip a smidgen, with the intention of ending up with something like these:

In the meantime, one of the members on the UK Falcon Owners Facebook group has agreed to make me something along the lines of a Weatherby silhouette pistol’s thumbhole stock: