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This is an idea I came up with last year in 2017, the original thread can be found here even with it getting interest of Travis @ JSAR…

Its funny if you google “marauder aluminum air tube” my thread/post comes up top. lol…although in my custom build I took the stock rifle weight of 7.3 lbs down to 4.9 lbs for nearly 2.5 lbs weight loss…you think 1.5 lbs makes a difference try 2.5 ;)

The aluminum air tube is by far the most expensive mod (150$ for my material + cnc time) I have done and I did it personally to push the envelope on modding a marauder, cause why not! I wanted to shed weight…if I had to outsource all my modifications to the likes of JSAR for 500+ bucks then I would be kicking myself for spending more on mods than what the rifle costs…my valve makes 60 fpe on the stock spring just like JSAR’s, my valve cost me less than 30$ (simple seat reduction + small .25 poppet)….my custom ssg’s cost 10$ and I have 4 of them each tuned and different power levels and easily swapped, you can order enough material to make 10 MDS hammers for the cost of 1 from anyone else…

If this ‘package’ of modifications didn’t cost nearly 500$ compared to my 250$ DIY version which imo meets or exceeds performance, I’d feel different…economically it just doesn’t make sense. I paid 150$ for my tube that was a one off job…why are these being mass produced at the same cost…idk? Maybe to match my one-off cost I noted in my thread? Hmmm…