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I’d just like to see FX get the promised accessories to market to support the customers who’ve already purchased their rifles.  The Impact has been out on the market for two years and it is still nearly impossible to get extra caliber barrel sets for it.  Instead of more and more introductions based upon barrel liners or extra barrels how about slowing down a bit and supporting the people who bought your products?  It mystifies me that Wildcats and Impacts don’t have ambidextrous cheekpieces which would be so easy to incorporate.  Fredrick Axxelson himself is left handed yet they don’t have an ambi cheekpiece on these models.  It would also be nice if FX would do more beta testing  and design rifles that are less leak prone.  User friendliness would help too.  Get some feedback from real world users before jumping to the next innovation.  For instance, why does the Impact not have more space for the quick connect?  It would be as simple as a longer male Foster fitting or just enlarging the opening in the trigger guard to accept quick connects.  FX is cutting edge in innovation and industry worst in reliability.