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“RMORRIS”Yes, I  have experienced this. First in my Impact, first couple shots were always low. The Impact was great to hunt with but I could never get tight groups with it. I traded it in for a .30 Crown. When the Crown arrived the regulator gauge read 165 bar. I shot it a couple times and it came down to around 150 and was shooting 44.75”s @ 870 fps. This gun shoots way better than the Impact. I was in love for the fist two weeks. Then during a disappointing day shooting targets at 100 yards I realized while filling that the regulator was creeping up to 185 bar… so the first couple shots were always low; 745-800 fps. My regulator has settled in at 175 and drops to about 160, after a few shots. I might add that my brother has the same gun from the same batch and his regular pressure stays at 150 all the time. So naturally I think my Crown is defective. I call FX service center today-they’re closed. Oh well. So I read the manual, removed the bottle, set hammer spring to minimum, fired a couple shots til regulator dumped, screwed regulator adjuster clockwise 1 turn, screwed bottle back on, backed out regulator (counter clockwise ) til gauge read 148,  ten shots at around 870 fps so far so good. Then I filled to 230 bar that was 2 hours ago and regulator is holding steady at 150 bar. I hope this fixes it. You might want to try this with yours. Good luck.

This kind of confirms my suspicion that the belleville washers get crushed at pressures above 150 bar. A flattened out belleville washer is running out of travel, hence causing the regulator to creep.
Above 150 bar ==> creep.
Below 150 bar ==> stable.
This could also be the main reason that FX states 150 bar as max. pressure for the Impact and Crown.