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nice shooting on the Rats, definitely looks like Roof Rats, I get some big ones down here in North San Diego area, we can shoot Raccoons too, but I don’t bother with them, Possums are another critter that tends to get into things around here, they especially like to eat all the Peanut butter on the Rat feeder, I don’t shoot them unless it’s close to trash day, just so they don’t stink up the neighborhood….. Night vision is the best way to get Rat’s, mine is a DYI setup I made on the 3D printer, works Awesome….. 
we don’t have power restrictions here so if I wanted to, I could use my Airforce Texan .45, but it would go right through my back stop and my neighbors shed, car, house, not very Backyard friendly……… but just think what it would do to a Rat, I might have to try it at my Buddy’s house in Valley Center where I usually shoot it.