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“kingrude1”I have been wondering why the need for the hack? Is the original design not sufficient? I bought the gold filter and some of the replacement filters, I think I will use as is, and see how much life I get from the filters. 

Kingrude, in your situation you are correct.  There is no need for a liner if you only use the tampon filter material.  The hack is a cure to ease the concerns of gold filter owners who choose to fill their filters with Zeolite 13X micro sieve media for better moisture absorption.  If your compressor has a good water separator tower and moisture dump then very little moisture ever reaches your gold filter. If you have an economy Yong Heng/Tuxing type compressor you need to replace and recharge your factory tampon inserts frequently.  Any dealer who sells a pricey alternative filter has to have a sales pitch.  The hack is to debunk the concerns of those who believe that molecular sieve might damage unlined gold filters. 

Thanks for the explanation Humdinger. Would the zeolite hack be less expensive in the long run than replacing the tampon filters? I understand there is a need to contain moisture from getting into the tanks and ultimately your guns, just seems there has been some exaggeration and fear mongering on this topic with the intent of selling products to the public.