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A .25 doesn’t have the fpe for an ethical boiler plate kill shot.
JH44 both the .30 or .35 are a good start but keep in mind that isn’t the final factor, we all would like to say our shots are perfect all the time but when hunting there are too many factors that are going to up the challenge. You cannot always depend on a head shot, plus if you do flub the shot your going to want the extra foot pounds of energy to cover your error. 
Three major components for hunting with airguns 
1. Foot pounds of energy
2. Effective hunting range of the platform chosen (bullet is accurate and retains the fpe needed)
3. Cost
Sorry brother the cost factor needs to be the last deciding factor in your decision process. 
Yotes are some skittish animals and can be a bugger to call in less than 50 yards.
You are going to need to do your math and decide on what range you want to hunt at and then find a gun that will produce the fpe at that range for a ethical boiler plate kill shot. Even if all you plan on shooting nothing but head shots. 
Be careful with you tube vids in some cases the guns being shown are far from factory specs 
.35 would be my choice