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“Brian10956”Ive had 4 or 5 over the last few years this Caldwell upside down unit is the best I tried .

Brian – thanks, that looks like a nice one.  I read some mixed Amazon reviews about the tripod but I really like the idea of being able to bluetooth/export the data.

I will second this recommendation on this Caldwell unit. And the tripod is not the best but while you are on Amazon you can order a $35 tripod that will fix that issue. It will work indoors or out, no matter the lighting conditions and it uses your smart phone for all the calculation and recording of data that you can email to anyone. The data it sends is in a *.csv format that can be opened in most spreadsheet programs.
Of the many I have had including Ohler, it is the best. 

I’m with Brian and Tvanpool on the Caldwell Ballistic Chrony. I’ve had 4 different chrony’s and this upside down one is hands down the best. I don’t use the tripod. I just lay it flat on the table and shoot from there.