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“Saltlake58”Optics Planet codes are very frustrating to me.  They come, look like a site wide discount code, but in today’s case, are only for 87 items on the site.  Naturally what I’m looking for isn’t one of the 87 items.  Today’s 10% off code was EMAIL and is good till Feb 21, 2018.  
​OK, so I may not be as smart as most, but the e-mail is unclear about the limitations.  Just be careful trying to use these codes, as your hopes go up until you enter the discount code and they say it’s not applicable to your purchase.  For the most part, I’ll buy elsewhere till they get their act together.

I agree with you on their inconsistencies with the discount codes. I have found that their Dvor site to have at times really good discounts I think they use to get rid of returns and overstock. The prices are good there I just purchased a Hawke ED 10-50×60 scope that lists for $999 that’s being sold everywhere for 
$899 and on Dvor I paid $599 delivered. The sales on OP can be good they are one of the few companies that sell stuff for less than MAP pricing. My Atlas bipod was 319 list I paid $269 I have also found you can call them and Mack an offer for 10% less than they want and the ladies on the phone usually comeback with a better price than what’s published. The biggest downside is the free shipping is slow I think if you don’t pay for the faster shipping they just put you order to the side for a few days before processing. As long as the prices are good I usually can live with the wait.