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new to the site and this my first post. I just wanted to stop in and say i really enjoy your informative posts and your video are outstanding! Saving up for my PCP now and hope t purchase it soon. Do you refill with a compressor or hand pump? 

I wish I had a tank or compressor.  I use a Hill Mk4 hand pump.  It takes me 120 pumps to get from 120 bar to 230 bar.  It’s a chore but doable.  Frequently my pump doesn’t fill completely with air so I think that adds to the number of pump strokes.

Benjamin is coming out with a portable compressor this spring for about $600.  I haven’t decided between that and a tank yet.  Maybe this summer or fall I can get a hold of one of those.  On the days where there’s a lot of shooting, I wish I had a yank or compressor.  On the days when there isn’t, I’m glad I spent less money on a pump.  

Go figure.  But I guess I can’t complain, I just bought a new rifle when I could have bought a tank instead.  

I couldn’t resist the sale Pyramid Air was having on an AA S410F TDR.  I just had to have it, for a couple of reasons.

1. I was to shoot the new NSA slugs at squirrels come spring time, and they are not for use in Smooth Twist barrels.  The TDR has a LW rifled bartel.

2. It never hurts to have a backup rifle, especially one that can pack easily and use up so little space in the car….I can yake both with me easily.  As it is now, the case for my Streamline is a full length rifle case and takes up the whole back seat of my car, but it holds all my accessories so that’s good.

There are so many excellent choices for a PCP.  If I had to do it all over again, I would have skipped the entry level Benjamin Maximus I bought and went right for the Streamline or better.  Or at least don’t get a single shot rifle….at least get a multi-shot.  Loading pellets one at a time isn’t fun at all.