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“Kitplanenut”weatherby. Great information. Quick question. I have been expirmenting with making some barrel changes on the Wildcat. Because I didn’t have the brass FX end to thread on the barrel I just machined the end of the barrel to the same specs as the FX brass end. Is there an advantage, or disadvantage to what I’ve done? Thank you. Sylvan

Hi Sylvan, I did a few barrels the way like you did, but it is a bit more difficult because steel is harder to machine than brass.
Another downside, when you mess things up by accident (e.g. drilling the TP, making the internal o-ring groove), you have to cut the barrel and end up with a shorter barrel than intended :)
Some plusses of the brass piece, you can make a nice pellet entry in the barrel itself, you can actually see what you are machining because you are not working inside the bore itself.
When you are trying out different types of barrels in the same caliber, you can use the same brass TP piece and just thread in the new barrel.
And another advantage, although not a big one, the final finished length is around 12-15mm longer, because a small part of the barrel is formed by the brass piece.
Main reason for me, it makes life a lot easier if you are machining brass  i.s.o. steel, especially when turning the internal o-ring groove for the probe.

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