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“Glem.Chally”Yeah I did some more thinking about the STX and from some responses here,  was a bit of a half baked idea.   Couple questions if you don’t mind.
I don’t have a lathe personally or know how to use one,  a good machine shop shouldn’t have a problem cutting in the o-ring groove for the pellet probe at the muzzle end if I were to use a non-fx barrel blank?
The barrel inlet is brass on factory barrels how is it connected to the steel barrel?  Is the brass a sleeve that goes over a thin steel section?
Did you use brass or just machine the barrel muzzle end to the size of the brass barrel inlet?
No rush,  and thanks again for the advice.

I always use a brass inlet as well, because it is easy to machine, and it is totally sufficient for PCP airguns. This brass fitting is threaded on to the steel barrel (M9x1 thread in case of the Royales) These brass TP pieces can be ordered at FX, and are not very expensive. 
Turning a barrel to fit is pretty straight forward for a machinist, just be sure that the bore is running true in relation to the axis of the lathe.
Same goes for the crown, the bore should be aligned to run true before crowning.
I’ll post some images of the Impact barrel I did when I had one, just to give you an idea.

Kind regards,  Gijs