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LOL, that made me laugh! :)  Yeah, Yves’ Boss .25 is a beauty for sure. Sweet gun and a absolute tackdriver.
I haven’t been active here for a few months, because I simply didn’t have the time and energy to respond. Too many projects.
The Royale/Boss based guns are still among my favorites, very easy to work on and very reliable. Very efficient and powerful as well.

I read you post regarding a possible barrel change to an STX barrel in the Royales, but that is not going to work because the X liner diameter is 10mm, and that’s also the diameter of the brass transfer port of a R400/500. Good thing is, there are plenty of other barrel options that can be made to fit the Royale’s action.
However, the Boss action can adapt the x barrels because the barrel diameter at the breech end is bigger.