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I have both guns.
Benjamin Marauder is a great gun for the money for sure and its a far better gun than the discovery. I only shoot my Marauder between 2800psi and down to 2100psi. So i only have 700psi to make up for my 20FPS spread for most accurate shots. The marauder is also a multi shot repeater with a more ergonomic stock than the traditional stock found on the discovery. Discovery being single shot and far cheaper made (i.e. Plastic trigger group, Metal finsh) It’s a farcry from the capability you’d get from having a multi shot, More accurate, Ridiculously quieter, and adjustable two stage trigger all found in the marauder.  
That’s not to say the Discovery isn’t a capable gun, It’s great for the price and you can do plenty of good fun with it. But for the extra money you’d have invested in a TKO muzzle brake and MAC1 tune. You could have a marauder with more capabilities options.

Just  my two cents.