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I have a Vulcan .25 (Gen 3) bullpup, and a FX Bobcat .25.  Which would I choose first?  Guess that depends on your plan for use of the guns.  For me personally I chose the Vulcan first, I like it for it’s accuracy, small package, easy to carry in the woods and it is reliable.  I really like the slow fill feature built into the fill port.  It is built to last and with tons of quality.  Left hand bolt slide action is terrific and it is switchable to the right hand side.  So why would I buy a FX Bobcat?  It’s a totally different gun with a totally different set of features I like.  The .25 Bobcat could be more accurately described as a carbine rather than a bullpup.  The Vulcan (gen3) is truly a bullpup.  The Bobcat for me is more of a bench gun that works well as a stationary hunting rifle.  I carry it, but it is a little heavier, especially with a 52mm scope on top.  The bobcat is built like a tank, it is accurate and very reliable.  I truly enjoy shooting it.  The action is buttery smooth and completely different than the Vulcan.  That is what I like about it.  It’s kind of like having your truck and your sports car.  They are both fun to drive or shoot but just for different reasons.  Like I said, I got my Vulcan first, then my Bobcat.  For me I wouldn’t have changed the order, I did it right….for me, maybe not for someone else but for me, I couldn’t be happier with having both.  Hope that helps?  Good luck in making your choices.