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“jking”He’s definitely not a lever “B” guy (Weatherby) as you can see. He needs to move to the U.S. where we could really put him to work. I’d be first in line and I’d even buy the coffee..
Do you think the Poly barrel is more accurate than the “X” barrel or did you just prefer to shoot the Heavies and figured the Poly would be the better barrel for that?

Hey Jimmy, I’ve bought the gun as a 30cal, because  good 30 cal barrels are hard to find, and I had great experience with king heavies in the chokeless poly barrels in the past. (B.t.w. seems that Baxter W found that out as well with a bunch of the earlier LW Ataman 30 cal barrels, which were way too loose to fit the pellets)

I think the secret of the x barrel lays in the fact that it has got a very slow twist rate, which makes it perfectly suited for pellets, as pellets are drag stabilised. 
I don’t have any experience with the x barrels yet, because the Crowns have just hit the market here in Belgium. (And I haven’t even shot my .30 cal barrel yet because I immediately have installed the 25cal barrel and stainless steel probe :) )
It’s hard to tell which barrel will be more accurate, but the things I’ve seen about STX barrels so far looks very promising.