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Same here. Another air gunner sent me a couple hammer springs to try in my Badger. Got then Friday. He sent them out over a month ago. Wv. To Mi. Should be 3 days at most. Hell, I can drive it in 10 hours!

I bought a PP700 from another member here. He sent the gun out of Ca. USPS on a Friday and it showed up in my mail in Mi. on Monday. He then sent me a fill probe on the 6th and it still isn’t here. Lucky for me, he got a shipping tracking number. It showed up in a Detroit Mi. a couple days ago. That’s only 1 1/2 hours away. 4 mailing days plus Sunday (today) later, still no fill probe. And tomorrow is a holiday. So I will be waiting at least another 2 days to shoot this gun. Torture!!!