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“SMH77”Yeah, I just got done shooting again (35F with 10 mph winds gusting up to 25 mph) and I have to say, there really is nothing wrong with the performance of the RAW triggers.  It really did break super cleanly with zero creep.  I guess I would just like a bit More adjustability in terms of positioning the blade. If I could get the Rowan blade to work, that would be great.  I’m a bit irritated about that blade right now-but that’s no fault of the RAW trigger unit really (except that it didn’t come more adjustable from the factory, as I stated above).  
Overal though, there’s nothing wrong with its performance.  
Sorry to whine guys…
Oh and I just rechecked the velocity and BC using the Heavies (Mk I): it’s shooting at 886 fps and the BC (@1 yd to 50 yd) was .0518.  Average velocity at 50 yards was 764.4 fps and 886.0 at 1 yard.

Sean, Rowan reached out to me about this issue, if you like please send me the unit, Im sure i can get you a working trigger,